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CUFE-BS Academic Seminar: Effects of In-house Production on Channel Structures in a Co-opetitive Supply Chain under Supply Uncertainty
Date :2021-05-24

Time: 14:00 - 16:00 PM, 24 May 2021


Location:Room A28,MBA Education Center


Speaker:Mr.Lin Feng


Speaker Profile:


Lin Feng, Ph.D.candidate of Xi'an Jiaotong University and City University of Hong Kong, lecturer of School of Economics and Management,Fuzhou University. “Qishan Scholar” (overseas project) of Fuzhou University.Research fields:operation management under supply chain finance, and decision-making under cross-border supply chain competition and cooperation. He has published 15 papers in well-known domestic and foreign journals such as Omega, OR Society, CIE, EJOR, Operations Research and Management.




In a co-opetitive supply chain, an upstream contract manufacturer (CM) is more likely to not only supply specified products to an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) but also to directly compete with the OEM by offering customers substitutable products. Further, when supply uncertainty is involved, the OEM will face not only more fierce competition in the downstream market but also more unreliable delivery of components. Thus, in a co-opetitive supply chain, this paper assumes that the OEM adopts in-house production when outsourcing products from the CM with supply uncertainty. Specifically, in this paper, the CM's effective production cost is firstly defined to quantify impacts of supply uncertainty on the equilibrium of channel structures. Based on this, the insourcing effect is proposed firstly to measure the incentive for the OEM to adopt in-house production, and the marketing gap effect is firstly proposed to indicate when the CM adopts direct selling. Further, under joint influences of these effects, equilibriums of channel structures of a co-opetitive supply chain can be correctly proven.




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